My DVD Collection

My beloved DVD collection of movies and music

--- Movie DVD Sets:
Indiana Jones (3 DVDs plus Bonus DVD)
James Bond 007 (7 DVDs)
The Sopranos (complete 3rd season)
Gilbert & Sullivan (7 operas from the PBS/BBC series)
--- Movies:
The Departed, The Love Guru, Be Cool, The 40-Year-Old Virgin, The March of the Penguins, There's something about Mary,
Titanic (DiCaprio), Beowulf, Get Shorty, Sweeney Todd, 21, Charlie Wilson's War, Dream Girls, Tortilla Soup, In Like Flint, Elizabeth, The Da Vinci Code, Hide and Seek.
--- Music:
John Lennon, Eurythmics, Peter Gabriel, Prince, Rolling Stones Rock 'n Roll Circus, Who Live (Tommy, Quadrophenia),
Who movie "The Kids Are Alright," Fleetwood Mac (Rumors), Martin Sorcese Movie "The Last Waltz," Karajan Classics (6 DVDs)

Total of 35 movies, 1 TV season of The Sopranos (4 DVDs), 16 Music films

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Contact Person: Rich Neher
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