Start Trading Right Away

All new members will be extended a credit line. Get the funds you need now to grow your business and pay it back later by taking on new trade customers delivered to you. Whether you’re just getting started or looking to expand, Barter West is the smartest way to increase your spending power without increasing your cash debt. In the current economic climate, businesses may be experiencing uncertainty. A line of credit can be a lifeline and allow you to stay in business.

  • No fees for credit line applications
  • Same day approval & funding
  • Credit for business or personal use
  • Online statements & accounting provided

NO BAD DEBT:   When you make a barter sale to an exchange member, you process the transaction using a touch tone phone or online postings to verify that the buyer has the barter dollars available to pay for their purchase.

COLLECT RECEIVABLES: A small business might find it difficult to pay you the cash they owe, but would welcome the opportunity to fulfill their obligation with payment in products or services. Exchange members can then offer these goods and services to members for barter dollars which get deposited to your barter account for the balance you were owed. Your non-collectable receivable just became revenue that can be spent on a variety of business expenses.